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I found some software to do photo mosaic. We can now peer into my mind – so to speak <smile>.

Click on these images for an expanded view.

jha-small Mosaic This is the first Photo Mosaic that I did. It uses larger (fewer) tiles in the image.

I’ve been looking for some software for a project I’m working on. I have TMI (To much information) about myself over at www.rodaw.com (Rodaw stands for Review Or Discard At Will). I keep my recovery related stuff here. Aside: I’ve recently been blogging a lot more of my projects to a wider audience and have been thinking about moving all my personal stuff to a separate site, leaving Rodaw just for my technology and DIY projects. But that’s another story… At any rate I’ve been looking for some source code to add photo mosaic capabilities to an as yet unpublished project.

I haven’t found the source code I’m looking for, but I did find a cool project to create photo mosaic images. Check out http://www.andreaplanet.com/andreamosaic/ I created this from an image I generally use as my Avatar and all the pictures from my camera and my phone. They represent a vast majority of the images I have captured subsequent to my sobriety date that at the time of this writing is about 3.5 years ago. There are no photos prior to my clean date. It’s kinda fun, at least for me. If you zoom into my head there is a good representation of most of what goes on in my mind. Note the chocolate chip cookies, my dog, photos of a project I entered into a contest and won honorable mention, classes I’ve taken, cleaning up the house. A plethora of activities I’ve engaged in since getting clean. So what a neat analogy I thought as I looked at the first test image I created. A picture of me created from all the little things I’ve done since “the dark time” 😉

You don’t have to have an over amount of tech skills to use this program. Download it and give it a try. Fun! Just point the image directories to your phone and camera. It will return some cool images and experience for thought and contemplation of self.

jha-small Mosaic04 This photo mosaic uses many more images, I added my phone to the image collection. And I configured the software for more (smaller) tiles.

I have not even scratched the surface of the configuration variables.

So now we know what’s going on in my head! <grin>

Comments are always welcome. And Nerds if you know an open source project for photo mosaic I would very much appreciate a link.

Thanks, – jeffa

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