Three years!

jeffaAndSampsonMy happy face and Sampson T. Dog

I’m starting to believe it! That I’m not using cocaine and Bacardi 151 while awake. Pretty cool that today marks my three year anniversary of kicking the Rum and Coke and Coca habit that rode my back for eight years straight 24/7.

I’m not feeling all motivated and pumped or driven enough today to write an epic but I do want to mark this day, so Day consider yerself marked!

Funny thing about looking back is the wonderment of how I could use so much for so long and how, once there, I ever quit. Bleuch!

I have this kinda feeling of arrested development. Thinking about the time lost and where this polygonal peg fits in an ovoid world.

Reviewing my Recovery Working blog I came across this that I wrote which I feel nicely sums up many of my thoughts about addiction and recovery. I’ll count it as my third year marker post.

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