Bear souls

In a sea of billions one, now two or many more souls laid bear. Glad to know that the argument I have within is probably part of the human condition rather than a deArangement exclusive of my mind. A habit, whose roots are long forgotten, of telling myself “You’re no good” is occasionally argued rationally by my blurting out at myself assertively that “yes I am.” Continue reading “Bear souls”

Celebrities and addiction

Earlier I blogged a very few words and embedded a story about Charlie Sheen. Subsequently I’ve seen so much traffic on Television, Twitter, Facebook – just generally in life. It occurred to me that I hadn’t noticed any discussion about celebrities that have kicked an active addiction into Recovery (working) 🙂 I thought to myself: “I should bitch (blog) about that!” but I continued on with whatever life on life’s terms I was currently involved in. This morning a buddy sent me a picture that motivated me to do a bit of research.

half man


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The Second Year

This post was actually written May 31, 2009 as I approached the first anniversary of my sobriety date which is June 24, 2008.

The Second Year
Jeffrey H. Albrecht
May 31, 2009 1450

I am approaching the one year anniversary of my first day of sobriety which occurred on June 24, 2008. There are time periods we remember in life as markers of events and or the passage of time. Often these times may mark a renewal of thoughts or be the impetus for professional or spiritual growth.

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